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10 Reasons to Exercise…That don't include hating your body!

I’ll be honest and lay out all my thoughts here…I think we need to put the Positive back into training. We need to start loving our bodies and our minds. I feel that if we are in love with ourselves instead of in loathe with ourselves that our environment for change is a much more conducive one. That is, positive lifestyle change is so much more effective and enjoyable if we stop beating ourselves up for our downfalls and instead start accepting and acknowledging the amazing humans of the bean variety that we are.

We are bombarded on a Weekly, Daily and even Hourly basis as to why we should exercise or opt for a healthier lifestyle and 9 times out of 10 the reasons to get moving, lose the fat, get toned up or go on a diet come from a negative place. Magazines, TV, Social Media are full of these messages.

Normally they are filled with undertones of “Your too fat…” or “You need to get fit to be accepted…” or “You need more muscle to be a real man…” or something along these lines. And I am telling you now that I think this approach is a big ass pile of steaming bulls**t.

I have never believed in shaming or bullying someone into training or changing their lifestyle. I just don't believe it works. Of course lots of My clients train with me because they want to change their body shape but they are doing it because they want to.

Sure, you might be thinking “Whats this wolly on about? She makes people change their body shape for a living” And yes, you are right.

I am a Fitness Coach, heck, Im a Transformation Specialist! So you would be well within your right to tell Me to piss off too! But before you do, hear Me out. I like to think that I am different. I train people who want to change their body shape and have a clear reason why. And I then encourage them through that change through education, support, motivation and providing a positive structure for them to base their Transformation.


I train people who have had a snap point and who are so ready to make a change in their whole lifestyle - Body, Headspace and Nutrition. I sit down and talk to My clients to see if they are really wanting to make the change and commit and why they want to do My Transformation Program and to ensure that this whole process is a positive one. Thats the most important thing for Me - That the journey is a positive one.

And you may be thinking “Yeah right, If they have the money you’ll sign anyone up”

Nope. I have on a number of occasions gently told a potential client that they are not ready for what I offer. That their reasons for wanting to change are not in line with the training I do.


I am inherently positive and the transformation training and nutrition that I do with My clients (although tough) is always a good and constructive experience.

So through this blog I have decided to share with you 10 reasons to start training and eating like you really Love your body and the benefits that it will bring. Here they are.

1. Exercise lifts your mood: Although this has been a well known fact for donkeys years there are lots of recent studies where exercise has shown to be as effective as some forms of medication for treating depression - felling lacklustre? Off you go for a walk then. Go on...

2. Builds Self Esteem: People who exercise regularly have been shown to have higher general self esteem. And not just Fitspo models either - people of all shapes and sizes who exercise on a regular basis tend to be more confident and self assured in their bodies. I see this first hand ALL THE TIME with clients that start training with Me and their self esteem and body confidence sky rockets! Its awesome! Been for that walk yet?

3. Improves Sleep: Trouble sleeping? Before you try the chamomile tea, lavender eye pillow and give in to watch old friends episodes back to back at 2am maybe its time to consider tiring out those muscles before bed. A regular exercise routine can improve not only drifting off but also the quality of those zzz’s too. Seriously though…That walk would do you good.

4. Feeds your Brain: If you start a healthier lifestyle that includes the quality of the nutrition you eat then you will be ingesting many more nutrients that will feed the cells in your body but also in your brain. Decreasing processed foods and Increasing the amount of Fruits/Veggies, Good quality Proteins and also your Omega 3 intake and your brain will thank you for it. Did you know that numerous studies show that school kids that get enough Omega 3 in their diets have consistently shown improvements in reading and schoolwork? Get onto that!

5. Exercise is a Stress Buster! You already know this…but are you doing it? That daily walk helps bump up the production of your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins whose literal job in life is to put more pep in your step. The more you do…the more pep you get and so on…:-)

6. More Energy: One of the most common excuses I hear for not training regularly is “ I don't have the energy” which is a massive oxymoron in itself because probably the reason that you don't have the energy is because you don't exercise and the vicious circle continues! Exercise gives you TONS of extra energy. It doesn't matter if its walking, running or whatever- You WILL feel better! The start is the hardest part, commit to 1-2 hours of exercise per week and you will get the energy you are looking for…promise :-)

7. Structured exercise gives you clarity: This is something that I have consistently noticed in myself and my clients. Having no structure in life can be pretty unproductive. If you start small by structuring in some non negotiable training times to your week this will add clarity and structure to other areas of your life too. Structuring in the time to train adds more routine meaning you’ll get more done in the long run. Win-Win.

8. Its Healthy: Us Human Beans are not built to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. And while I understand that you need to work I also know that exercising regularly can counter some of the issues of a sedentary working life such as lethargy, postural imbalances and a sore back and it keeps you focussed and more productive.

9. Prevents muscle loss: Did you know that as we get older we start to lose an alarming amount of muscle and we naturally start to store more fat? Its true but the good news is that we can slow this process down massively by taking part in a regular training program. More Muscle = The Fountain of Youth, Younger looking skin, Less wrinkles and many more anti ageing benefits. Off you go now and pump some iron! And then go for that walk!

10. Last but not least…Exercise increases your body awareness. It improves how you view yourself in this world. It builds love and appreciation of the body you are in- No matter what the shape or size. And if this was the single benefit of regularly getting out there then this alone would be enough. Life is too short for self loathing. Try loving yourself instead, its much better fun.

And My quote of the day for you lovely people…

“Be an Encourager, the world has enough critics already”


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