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This is beautiful Jordan. Jay. J-Dawg. 26 Years Old. A new Mum. 12 weeks ago Jay knew she had to completely change her lifestyle. She was not exercising, not sleeping, definitely was not eating well unless you would include Coca-Cola as a healthy meal and had never stepped foot in a gym. Take out food was a staple and her energy levels were rock bottom. In the 12 months since Charlie was born Jordan had slept for a grand total of around 23 minutes and had fallen into a spiral of being too tired to shop and cook healthy which in itself led to more fatigue.

I spoke to Jay about My 12 week Transformation Program but If I am honest when she first talked about doing the Challenge I thought there was no way she would see it through but I could see that she really wanted it- no,she needed it.

Jay signed up for the June 2016 round of my 12 Week Training and Nutrition Challenge and so did her partner Matt. The first few weeks were a bit rocky especially with food timing and choices but gradually they built up momentum for the change and started to apply the information I was giving them, supported each other all the way through and gave 100% in every training session. And the results speak for themselves.

21 cm's down but this Transformation was about much more than cm's and kg's. Jay now is bubbly, confident and vibrant and glows with energy. She embraced the nutrition side of the challenge and there has been an unopened bottle of coke in the fridge for weeks without being touched. She has a new found love for lifting heavy in the gym and is eating more veggies than you can shake a stick at. She set her goals and absolutely kicked them out of the park!

Now with these stable foundations set Jay and Matt are starting their second round of the 12 Week Transformation challenge with bigger and brighter goals ahead. Watch this space!

Well done J-Dawg!

If you would like more information on how you can sign up for the next round of my Challenge send me a message for details- only 8 places left! :-)

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