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This morning I woke up and something very unusual (For Me) happened. Instead of my normal annoyingly chirpy self jumping up at Sparrow Fart o Clock to conquer another awesome day on this beautiful blue marble of ours with a spring in my step and an out of tune 90’s pop song on my lips…I woke up annoyed. I lay in bed until the second snooze and felt unmotivated and angry. It was cold. It was Dark. It was Early. No Spring. No 90’s Boy Band. Not so much as a one liner from Ronan Keating. Nothing.

I had a coffee. And then another coffee. I turned the heater up and procrastinated through my list of jobs to get done and mentally assigned each one as ‘Not too urgent’ and ‘Could put off until tomorrow’ until I had none left. Now that I had assigned all my jobs to never never land the morning was mine to sit and stew over all the things that had seemingly happened to me this week and were annoying me.

I concluded that a logical step to motivation and energy was to fill my already tetchy and irritated self with even more Caffeine coming to a grand total of three cups in 1.5 hours and then sat down to procrastinate some more and looked out the window while I drank it. The sea was Angry. Choppy Dark Angry waves. It was Raining. Cold Drizzly Miserable rain. Oppressive dark clouds filled the sky and the wind was belting the house and was bloody Freezing. Great. A cold wet miserable day. And I literally said out loud to myself “What a Shit day”

As I heard my own voice utter these words I literally sat stunned for a minute. Then I laughed. Out Loud. On my own. I laughed at how ridiculous I sounded because really…Is there such a thing as a shit day

I looked out at Angry-Sea/ Miserable Drizzle and decided to take the same piece of advice I always give to my clients - If you are asking yourself “Can I be Bothered?” The answer is always Yes. So I decided to take action, to go out and see how Grumpy this day really was.

I walked up the beach and got belted by the freezing gazillion mile an hour wind and I thought “Is it freezing? Or is it just wind?” And the answer is obvious. It's just wind. Winter wind. It was fresh and the air felt clean and cool and I drank it in and thought of how lucky I am that I have fresh clean sea air to fill my lungs when so many in this world live in a cloud of smog.

I looked out at the Angry Sea and I thought how it is just the Sea. Not Angry. Just the sea. And the gazillion-mile-an-hour fresh air is whipping it up into a choppy ever changing peaks. And it's beautiful. And even though it looked dark and wild I saw a Seagull in the midst of the giant choppy waves just taking bath. Washing himself and seemingly have a great time. While I was perceiving the sea as cold and angry Mr Seagull perceived it as his bathroom. That's a lesson on perception vs. reality right there. And I thought about how lucky I am to live here and to see the different faces of the sea, to walk on the sand when so many people have never even seen an ocean.

I looked up at the Oppressive clouds storming across the sky and I thought how beautiful they looked. How that even as I looked at them they were ever-changing and that moment to moment they were never the same. I thought about how grateful I am to have the freedom and the time to stand and see those clouds in that beautiful formation and that how this exact sky will never be the same again. I thought about how the Sun is shining so brightly above the clouds and no matter how Grey the day seems that there is beauty in everything.

I was filled with a deep sense of gratitude and fulfilment. Any anger, frustration and irritation had melted away when I stepped back inside an hour later- Cold and Wet but no longer miserable. Something had shifted. I felt Happy. Content. Lucky. And filled with Energy and Purpose. And I thought about how we think that we need Happiness to make us Grateful but we are wrong. We need gratefulness to feel happy. And we all have so much to be grateful for.

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