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Sometimes I get asked about what I eat or how I train or some other health related topic - It comes with the territory of being a Personal Trainer and I don't mind one bit. In fact I love to chat to people about all things health and fitness. But with some folks before I have drawn breath to answer their seemingly innocent question they are already halfway through a tyrade of reasons. A tsunami of examples. A landslide of complaints and I am completely engulfed and drowning in a sea of excuses as to why I am me and they are not.

Apparently (according to some) Fit people Squatted, High Kicked and Grapevined their way out of the womb clutching a big bag of perfect genetics in their infant fist blessed with bulging infant biceps and a teeny tiny rippling six pack while some other peeps simply fell out of the womb onto the sofa and had to stay there forever more because their great grandmother was overweight.

You think I am Lucky. My genetics get me up at 4am to hit the gym. My Pedigree pounds the Pavement for miles on end. My Biology buys books on self improvement. My DNA drives to the supermarket and buys wholesome ingredients. My constitution cooks good nutritious food. My Physiology picks out the positives in life. My makeup accounts for my muscle mass and my Abs are down to my Ancestry. Pretty lucky, eh?

Well in my experience the harder you work the luckier you get. Although the genetics theory is a nice one the truth is much more simplistic.

Fit, Healthy people are fit and healthy because they take Action. That's it. End of Blog.

Okay Okay...I'll explain my theory. Human Beans are creatures of Habit. Most of our day consists of routine. And I believe there is one predominant habit that is engrained in those people that achieve a great deal in life. It's a very simple tool. One that we all possess. But one that too many people leave to stagnate and go rusty. That tool is Taking Action. It's what separates the doers from the dreamers. The achievers from the plodders. The Proactive from the Reactive folks. And often too in my experience it is Action that separates the positive energising people whom which we gravitate towards from the couch surfing complainers living in a black hole of Can't, Won't and Shan't.

If you feel like you would like to be more Positive and Proactive then grab a torch, open up that old creaky door, find that rusty old disused action habit lurking in your habit attic, dust off the cobwebs, lube it up with some optimism oil and get it back on track!

Here are a few action steps that I use that may help you get the squeaky wheel moving:

√Give yourself a Complain Curfew. Complaining is killing your potential. Whenever you hear yourself complaining, gossiping or bagging someone or something-replace the sentence or thought with a constructive positive one. This works. Remember, you are what you predominantly think so think positive!

√ Write a list before you go to sleep of a few things you would like to achieve the next day. They can be big, small, personal...whatever. And the following day make ticking these tasks off a priority. Get them done as soon as possible. This gives you a huge amount of energy and is a very powerful tool.

√ When you think "I'll do that later, or tomorrow, or next week" See if you can just get whatever it is done now. Today. Just do it. Right Now. Go On...

√ Get Active. Walk, Run, Gym, Yoga, Bat n Ball, Hop, Skip Jump...Whatever. Try to do something active every day. Yep. Every. Single. Day. Preferably in fresh air.

Eat Better. Just stop the Bull s*!t excuses of I don't know how, what etc. Just shut up and eat some veggies.

Drink Water. Yeah Yeah some soft drinks advertise zero calories blah blah blah but I'll tell you a secret: The calories have been replaced with a chemical shitstorm that will make you fat and unhealthy. Drink water. Lots of it. This could be the single most effective habit you take up for your health.

Set yourself a slightly unrealistic goal. Something you'd really like to achieve. Set a timeframe in which you'd like to achieve it. Break this goal into a few bite size goal chunks. Then take these yummy goal nuggets dip them in a bit of action aioli and chow down. Nom Nom Nom.

Find something you love about yourself. Big, Small, Anything. Now think about it often. Love it. Then find something else. Build on it. In my experience learning to love yourself is a great way to love your life and all the things going on in it.

Are you a procrastinator or a proactive person? Now choose which you would like to be. Make the decision to become more like the one you want to be. You have a thought, a dream, a goal. And it will stay a transient unattainable dream until you take the necessary steps to bring it into reality. And to bring a thought a dream or a goal into reality you have to intend to do it. You have to focus on it. Give it power and then you must take the necessary ACTION steps to bring it to life.

And as a side note most people who you may perceive to be fit and healthy LOVE to share their ideas and tips with anyone [yes, even you] who wants to get out there and become more active. It's an encompassing lifestyle, an inclusive way of life. Find someone you find inspiring and go out on a limb...ask them those burning questions, reach out for some advice. I am pretty sure they would love to share their story and hear yours too, the real power comes from lifting those around you on your journey. We are all in this together. Your Amazing.

Silver xxx

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