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FIBRE- Its more than just making you Poo!

Here are My Top 5 Reasons why you should be increasing yours [Dietary Fibre…Not Poo’s although the two are not mutually exclusive]

For most of us when we think FIBRE we think Health Nuts, Green Smoothies and Vegans chowing down on copious amounts of Kale or if your Granny is anything like Mine you have an image of little old ladies eating prunes to ‘Keep You Regular”

You may already believe you are a health conscious homie because instead of white you choose the sliced pan bread with “Extra Fibre” Blazened across the front of the packet…Surely if its Multi Grain its good for you…right?

But how much fibre are you really getting? You have got to ask yourself the question if your bread is whiter than white…where is the fibre? Even if there is the odd lonely seed here and there if your Breads and Cereals are the only place you are getting your fibre is it really enough? More than half the population lacks fibre so there is a good chance you may not be.

So where do you get it from? Although you can chow down on a “Fibre Chew” from the Chemist, add a spoon of ground fibre to your meals or take a leaf out of your Nannas book and invest in some poo, ahem, I mean prune juice but by far the best source of fibre is through your whole food meals.

Yep, eat healthy whole food meals and they will naturally be packed full of fibre. Fruit, Vegetables and Natural Whole Grains are jam packed full of fibre. Fibre, like Fats, has many different types and sources so if you only add a spoon of psyllium to your cereal once a day and ignore the whole food sources then you will not be getting the benefits you could be reaping with varied sources.

Eat a ton of different coloured and different types of fruit and vegetables. Most peeps who have a diet high in Fruit and Veggies tend to eat enough fibre, amazing huh? Its funny isn't it how all of these Health Blogs come back to the same old thing….a healthy diet.

Yep, if you eat a diet high in naturally occurring and varying types of fibre then you will probably be getting enough of the stuff and you would probably have a healthy diet too!

So enough chit-chat. Here is why I love My Friend Fred the Fibre.

1. Weight Loss Baby! Yep, Many studies are now showing that a diet high in Fibre may assist in achieving a healthy weight. There are a few different ideas as to why this is but the consensus through them all is that those who eat a high fibre diet lose more weight! Right, now that I have your attention- lets look at some other health benefits :-)

2. Helps control blood sugars. Fibre reduces the spike and crash of blood sugars after eating. This may well be because high fibre foods are naturally low on the Glycemic Index but without the spike and crash which means you will feel satisfied for longer and are less likely to reach for that sweet treat after dinner

3. Curbs Overeating! Fibre is filling. High fibre foods often are naturally less refined, require more chewing and are closer to their natural state. Fibre also stays in the stomach longer, absorbs water, swells, and helps you feel full. Because of this feeling of fullness, people on high fibre diets tend to eat more slowly and eat less

4. Fibre promotes overall intestinal health by discouraging the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines and encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria. Yep, studies are showing that a high fibre diet tends and nurtures our intestinal gardens of bacterial flora. And who doesn't love a garden full of flora

5. Last but not least….FIBRE MAKES YOU POO! No one wants to talk about this end of the digestive process but you would not believe the amount of people I meet that do not have regular bowel movements. You are eating several times a day but if you are only going to the bathroom every few days or even once a week you have to ask yourself if this is the healthiest version of you. In the absence of any medical condition and in a healthy adult regular bowel movements are an integral part of complete health. Lots of My clients who embark on a healthy lifestyle change see big improvements in this department and often tell Me how much better they feel because of it.

So off you go, get those veggies in you!

Heres a pic of My shopping trolley from last week to give you some inspiration...Those body goals of yours are waiting at the end of a Rainbow of Veggies :-)


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