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For the Beefy Balls of Goodness I use:

🐮Good Quality Lean Beef Mince - 2kg

👌🏼Walnuts - About a cup or 2 chopped small

👉🏼Cranberries - Just a few, chopped.

😢Onions - 1 Big one should do it. Diced small.

🌶Dried Chilli - LOTS but I like ‘em spicy so adjust accordingly!

Massage it all together- yup I said massage. With your hands. Mmmmmm...Massage the Mince 🙃

Then make into roundish balls. Fry in a teeny weeny bit of spray oil (I use canola) until lovely, brown and caramelised. Dont worry if they fall apart a bit, they’re rustic! Make a big batch - I normally make about 75 of them because they keep well.

For the sauce I simply use a good quality bottle of Passata and add some chopped fresh tomatoes. Add it to the giant pan of meatballs and simmer for 5 or 10 minutes. This makes them lovely and juicy and they soak up all the tomatoey goodness!

For the Courgetti Spagetti (Or Zoodles for all you southern Hemispherians who prefer Zucchini) Get a few Courgettes and Spiralize into a big bowl. I like to add a teaspoon of Pesto, a squeezed lemon and some Salt and Pepper.

Put it all together and voìlà! A delicious, almost carb free nutritious meal!

These freeze well in batches. I freeze the meatballs and make a fresh batch of sauce to freshen them up when I defrost to use. 

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