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Want a more positive and productive life? Here's my take on a list of 10 Things To Let Go of that might help you get a little closer. It takes 21 days to form a new habit. 21 days...Go on, give it a whirl!

1. Toxic People in your life. Let them go. I don't mean tell them to literally F the F off, banish them from your life and [Shock Horror] delete them from Facebook. Let's be honest, sometimes this is not possible and will cause a shitstorm and also it's just really mean and I'm not in the habit of being mean hence, this blog. Instead you can choose what to take on board, Choose who to ask for input and opinion and then choose the opinions that matter to you. People will still give you opinions that you may or may not think are Bull but guess can choose whether or not to take it on board. (But be nice about it)

2. Regret. This is a biggie for me. I am a thinker and so I think and think and think and THINK about what I would do differently if I could. This is such a colossal waste of time and energy and the day I decided to replace regret with acceptance was one of the biggest positive changes I have ever made in my life. Try It.

3. The need to be right. I'll be honest, I struggle with this one. I am right an unbelievably high percentage of the time (Something which I regularly remind anyone within a 10 mile radius) But... If you are like me and are constantly striving to be right, forming your answer before you've finished hearing what the other person is saying, trying to have the last word, always proving a point you will impact your own ability to learn and grow. Let Go of that shit. Get off your Unicorn and Chill the hell out. If you do, I will....Deal?

4. Feeling sorry for yourself. Seriously, it's not that bad. I reckon that if you are reading this then you are in the luckiest 10% of the earths population. Not because you are reading the beautifully constructed words of a 21st century wordsmith (although that makes you pretty lucky) But because you are able to sit and read it, you have the time to read I'm guessing you have life pretty good. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. It's not pretty.

5. Negative self talk. What is the point in talking to yourself, about yourself in a negative way? What is there to gain? Just Stop It. If a friend were to say half the stuff to you about you that you say to yourself...You'd likely karate chop them in the neck and [Shock, Horror] defriend them on Facebook-The most Heinous of modern day revenge. So either A. Karate chop yourself in the neck right now and then defriend yourself or B. Give yourself a serious pep talk. Big yourself up to yourself. Brag about yourself to yourself. Tell You how Awesome You are. Screw negative self talk and start positive self talk. Once you pop you can't stop...Promise.

6. The need to impress everyone. There are over 8 billion people in the world. You do not need to impress them all. No matter how nice you are I guarantee someone out there will still think your a douchebag. So just chill the hell out. Work hard on impressing yourself and the people who matter will notice. True Story. Try It.

7. Limiting Beliefs. Let's be honest...If the world was only as small and as possible as the parameters of our own minds it'd be pretty average. You only need to watch a double bill of Britains Got Talent to realise that what we believed to be possible is only the tip of the iceberg- Ha Ha! Seriously though... Roger Bannister was told that it was impossible to run a mile in under 4 minutes. When he heard this He [Probably] said "Screw you and your limiting beliefs" and went out there and did that shit and then he [Probably] said "In your face suckers!" And as soon as he ran it....plenty of other athletes also broke the 4 minute mile because they now believed it was possible. So may I humbly suggest you dream big. First, decide what it is that you want then decide if it's possible. And I tell you now. It Is. The first time someone told me I was Delusional...I nearly fell off my unicorn but now I don't listen to their opinions.

8. The need to please. The sooner you realise you can't please all of the people all the time the better. Please those who matter to you, your life, your journey and let the rest go. You'll probably never please them anyway. Even if you rode around everywhere on a unicorn. Take it from someone who knows ;-)

9. Gossip and Complaining. If you read my last blog "Comparing is Futile, Complaining is Pointless" You'll See where I stand on this. Give yourself a Complain Curfew- Every time you hear yourself whinging about something, whining about someone or complaining about somewhere replace it with something positive about that person, place or thing. Try It. You feel like much less of a little bitch. True Story.

10. Finally...Let go of worrying about the future. We have absolutely no idea what the future will bring and worrying about it is literally stealing today's joy. If you enjoy the moment, bring happiness to today and smile lots then I reckon it will shine out of you and your future will be bright. Sure, Dream Big. Strive forward. Set Goals. But remember to enjoy the little things because one day you'll realise that these were the big things. And if that hippie drippy stuff don't float your boat...worrying for years will make you look old. So There.

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