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Luke the Duke is a proper legend. He was already a hottie and was not in bad shape before he started training with Me but he really wanted to add some muscle mass and size to his frame. He had been on and off training in the gym over the past few years but his results had stalled. As you can see from his before and after pics here…he made absolutely massive change in just a few short weeks and went on to be a Top 5 Finalist for the Overall Metabolic Precision Transformation of the Year 2016! A true Super Dude! And heres how he did it.

An arborist by trade- “an arbor-what” I hear you say. A tree lopper, a tree surgeon, a tree doctor. Basically he loves trees so much that he climbs them and cuts them down. I know, it makes no sense to Me either!

Anyway, his job involves lots of long days and is very demanding and high energy-which does not leave much energy in the tank for long drawn out gym sessions after work. Luckily I do not believe in long drawn out gym sessions and I prescribed Luke just three 45 minute heavy lifting sessions in the gym per week. Yup, just 2 hours and 15 minutes total in the gym a week. [Shock, Horror…thats not enough I hear you think]

 Well, contrary to popular opinion its not the time spent in the gym that makes the muscles grow. You go and train in the gym its to initiate a response in the body to adapt and its after your gym time, when you are resting and feeding that the muscle repairs and rebuilds. So if you smash out 6 or 7 gym sessions per week at an hour or more each then you are never really getting the rest needed to build and repair so you end up stuck in a cycle of catch up, fatigue and plateaued results.

“But what about olympic athletes, they train more than 45 minutes” is what people always say to Me and yes they do. But that is their job. They train twice a day often for a couple of hours but what do they do between sessions? They eat and sleep. They don't work, drop kids here and there, socialise etc.

Initially Luke was also dubious about the low workload but as he watched his results come in he quickly became an advocate of Focused Intense Resistance Exercise or FIRE training.

Heres Lukes 5 Top Tips he attributes to his Transformation:

TIP ONE: Plan and Prepare

 Grab a cuppa, sit down and take some time to plan and structure your program. Choose a goal, choose a time frame to achieve it by and structure a program around this. If your goal is to build muscle mass then you will need a fair bit of time i.e minimum 10 weeks as muscle takes time and energy to build.

Choose the exercises that will get you to your goal faster. For example if you are looking to build muscle like Luke then you don't want to spend too much of your workout faffing about with silly exercises for small insignificant muscle groups as it will bring much more results in much less time to choose large compound exercises for large muscle groups to initiate a far larger growth response in the body.

Record every rep in every set of every workout. This way you will reduce time in the gym next time and you can track your progress and be sure that you are overloading the muscles. Look carefully at the people who tend to just go with the flow in the gym - they never seem to make serious change to their body shape!

TIP TWO: Technique Always Trumps Load

 Good form and technique in lifting heavy weights recruits the muscle you are targeting. When you lift with perfect technique you may lift a little lighter but you will be recruiting the correct muscle fibres through the correct range.

Too many people get stuck on just muscling a load from A to B without any real focus on how they are moving it.

A good example is the Lat Pulldown. How many Bro’s do you see loading up the machine and then swinging wildly up and down using gravity, momentum and pure brute force to lift the load without really recruiting much of the Latissimus Dorsi muscle at all.

Conversely if you take your time to set up properly and engage and recruit your lats through a full and steady range of motion you will be recruiting the targeted muscle and getting the desired results. Sure, you may not be lifting as much as Mr Momentum on the machine next door but I’m pretty sure if you come back in 12 weeks he will most likely look the same.

And also you wont look like a douche.

TIP THREE: You Are What You Ate

 If you get butt naked right now and go and stand in front of the mirror, staring back at you is your nutritional choices over the past few months or years. Our body is a reflection of the activity and the food choices we make every day. You are what you ate - and you will become what you eat. Wanna change that reflection? Change what you eat. The definition of crazy is doing the same ting as expecting a different result.

When Luke started this program he was eating ‘Kinda Healthy’ but was also grabbing the obligatory tradie Pie and Coffee at morning tea and a few pick Me up snacks throughout the day.

Using the principles of meal frequency, nutrition timing and increasing the quality of the food he was eating, his body literally started to change before our eyes. Luke started to eat much more than he was used to and his body used the extra fuel as muscle energy and he started to pack on the mass.

Of course he ate chicken and broccoli but he also ate protein from a huge variety of sources, a rainbow of vegetables in every meal and he got the majority of his carbohydrates from whole food sources like whole grains. Luke ate well 70-80% of the time but he still had the odd beer, cheat meal and sweet treat which is completely normal and healthy but if you have these treats every day…refer to the first paragraph of Tip Three. Yup it will stare back from the mirror.

TIP FOUR: Less is More

 When lifting heavy in the gym you do not need to spend hours in there. I capped Lukes sessions at 45 minutes. This included warm up. Because we structured his program for maximal results in minimum time he only ever performed a max total of 10 working sets per workout.

In addition to the strength training Luke did one 20 minute high intensity cardio session per week. This means that as a grand total per week he performed just two hours and 35 minutes of exercise. So if you have EVER uttered the words “I don't have time to train” you may need to face up to the fact that this was another excuse.

You do have time. If you are smart about it you can have dramatic results in just 2-3% of your week.

TIP FIVE: Consistency is King - Lots of small steps make big goals.

 Muscle takes time to grow. Transformation takes time. Fat takes time to lose. Strength takes time to build. The number one reason for most people not seeing results in the gym is because they do not stick at one thing long enough to allow the results to come.

Imagine pointing a magnifying glass at a piece of paper on a 40 degree day. It will eventually scorch the paper. But if you take the same magnifier on the same day and move it around the paper a lot then it will have no effect whatsoever.

Be patient. Stick with your program and be consistent.

Luke loved the training and results he got from the Transformation so much that he has up-skilled and is now an MP Transformation Specialist, A Metabolic Nutrition and Athletic Conditioning Coach.

A slightly biased opinion from Me but I think he is just a massive legend!


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