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*Client Spotlight* [Drumroll please…] LISA CARTER! Lovely Lisa. Carter the Cool. She is an absolute ace of a human being and having her as a part of my Transformation Team is freaking awesome to say the least.

In the 12 week Transformation Luscious Lisa the Lunging Legend lost a whopping 24.5cms. Yup. Twenty four and a half centimetres. If you are wondering if that is a lot…let me enlighten you: IT’S A LOT.
When she first rocked up to sign up to train with Me she had an infectious giggle, some pretty cool goals and her eyes on the prize and I just knew we were going to get along like Ducks to water. Carter had been focussing on getting fit herself by hitting up a few classes a week in the gym and watching her diet by dabbling in the Paleo Diet principles, watching portion sizes etc but like a lot of folks she had almost completely plateaued in her weight loss and really needed a bit of direction.
Want to know how she did it? To absolutely smash these goals and get amazing results Lisa was like a sponge soaking up every bit of information I gave her, reading every chapter of the Metabolic Nutrition manual and achieving close to 90% compliance with her meals, diligently filling in her nutrition diary and sending Me 743 messages a day asking a gazillion questions on how she can do better.
She trained 2 x per week at 45mins a session in addition to 2 x 30 minute cardio sessions. Yup. That’s all. She ate 4-5 Metabolically precise whole food meals a day fuelling her body with really great nutrition. (A little tip: If you fuel your body with what it needs to change shape guess what? It WANTS to change shape!)
Lisa Loo’s Goals:
Goal #1: Drop 3 or 4kgs. This may not seem like a lot but this goal also encompassed a gain of muscle mass and tone with a big focus on losing maximum centimetres and getting smaller. And boy did Cool Carter take this on board. We systematically used progressive overload in Lisa’s resistance training sessions to initiate rapid growth of muscle, this meant that Lisa became smaller and much more toned all over but maintained a little more weight (Muscle Mass is denser than fat mass therefore a focus on becoming toned and smaller meant that building lean mass was the goal, this meant that the weight was slower to drop but lisa lost a tonne of fat and literally transformed before our eyes! 24.5cm’s of Transformed. Woohoo!)
Goal #2: Get into Size 12 Jeans! We had 12 weeks to achieve this goal but that was not good enough for this not so quiet achiever…She hit this goal after just 6 weeks of Training and Nutrition Coaching. Don’t you just hate over-achievers? It just goes to show what a bit of commitment can do.
Goal #3: Get Healthy and Feel better! After about 2 weeks of structured training and refining her nutrition by getting some really frequent really high quality whole foods into her diet Lisa started reporting having more energy, feeling better, feeling happier and sleeping really well and this just got better and better as the weeks went on.
To say that I love working with legends like Lisa is the understatement of the year. Having clients that listen, do the work and really apply themselves to the program is the best feeling ever. Watching you guys consistently smash your goals and just get better and better right before my eyes makes mine the best job in the world and gaining such amazing and brilliant friendships and connections through being a part of your fitness and health journeys is a real blessing.
Lisa completed one 12 week full transformation including online Nutrition coaching with me and has continued to train with me Online. I am uber excited to be continuing training with this absolute legend of a human being and am really looking forward to seeing where this journey of health and fitness takes her.
Watch this space…We may well have a contender for the MP Transformation of the Year!



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