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If one of the first things you do when you feel a bit stressy and anxious is reach for the biggest bottle of vino known to man, chow down on a 800g bar of Dairy milk and raid the back of the cupboard for that packet of crisps thats been hiding there since the winter of 63’ then there is a small chance that you are a ‘Stress Eater’

If this is your natural response to stress in your life, fear not young cricket- you are not alone. Stress eating is far more common than you’d imagine but…its not the answer. Once those stale crisps are all gone, you’ve made yourself sick of chocolate and the wine has morphed into a headache of epic proportions your stress will still be there. Only now you feel sick, hungover, guilty, you weigh more AND your stress is still there. Not a pretty picture.

So why do we grab the sugary and fatty foods when we are stressed out? The answer is because the sugary foods provide our brains with an instant rush that makes us feel (momentarily) better.

The issue here is that it is a short lived high. When we stop eating, the good feeling goes away and we feel often even worse. The only real way to break this cycle is to educate yourself and replace these bad habits with better ones. I use a method I call the “Squeeze it out method” basically its a super easy tried and tested method that I get all My clients to use with great success.

Step One. Start eating wholesome foods. Not just when your stressed…all the time. Vegetables, Fruits, Low Fat Dairy, Whole Grains, Legumes and Lots of First Class Proteins.

Step Two. Keep Super charging your diet by eating a shit-tonne of the above foods. Like loads. Literally fill your body up with the most delicious and nutritious choices available to you. Every 2 hours or so - Eat a Vegetable with a side of animal.

Step Three. Watch as the sugar laden highly processed chemical shit storm that you once relied on as your “Stress Busters” are slowly squeezed out of your diet because you are now so full up on the good stuff and you are now feeling super radical and amaze-balls.

Job Done. You wont even want the crappy foods any more. And if you do, you will want far less of them as your body will be getting everything it needs from your newfound healthy diet. cravings stop and sugar highs and lows disappear. Its actually very easy to do. The hard part is in the doing of it. Most people hear what they need to do and then offer up one of the following excuses:

→ “I can see how this would work for some people but it wont work for Me. I’m different. My stress is unique.” Nope. Your not unique. Just a little lost, a tad lazy and a wee bit stuck in your ways.

→ “Eating healthy is really time consuming and really expensive.” Nope. Try playing a fun game called ‘Catch my health back’ When you have been diagnosed with [Insert here: Anxiety, Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease etc] Now, thats expensive. And very time consuming. And also as a side note, a new study has just found that a diet predominantly based around whole foods is 15% cheaper than a junk food lifestyle.

→ "I am happy as I am. I’m not that [ insert here:Unhappy, Stressed, Overweight etc]" Well maybe you are not. And thats awesome. But riddle Me this, you only have one lifetime being you. Be the best you can. Don’t stress. Be healthy Be Happy. Do the work. Stop Bullshitting yourself. If you say you are “Fine, just as you are” but deep down you are far from it then make the change.

Now, I am not saying that if you eat chickpeas you wont develop a lifestyle disease. And I am certainly not suggesting that a quinoa salad will ease you of anxiety but what I am definitely saying is that - isn’t it worth trying? So many people head straight to the pharmacy when they are stressed out but will grab a greasy take out on the way home with their medications in hand and won’t make the connection between their dinner choice and their health. Isn’t looking at your diet worth a shot?

Its cheap. Heck, its free! Is it hard? YES! Does it require effort? YES! But everything worthwhile in life takes effort. And whats the alternative? Take control of your health. Your body and mind are literally the only two things we have full control over so take control. I promise you’ll love it, Its so freakin’ empowering!

Here are My top tips to take control of your stress eating and to start enriching your body and life with health using My patented squeeze it out method.

√ Drink Water. Hydrate yourself. Not soft drinks. Not zero calorie shit storm in a can. Not chocolate milk. Not copious coffee. Just Water. Our bodies use water for every single function, why not make its job a little bit easier and provide it with the materials it needs.

√ Eat a rainbow of fruit and veggies. Don't like kale, fine- don't eat it. Find what you do like and eat it. Colour (Variety) and Crunch (Close to Raw) is the key to optimum health. There are hundreds of types of vegetables you can choose from and within those species there are thousands of varieties…there are over 4000 varieties of tomatoes alone. So don't give Me the “I don't like vegetable” line. We both know its Bull.

√ Pillage the pantry and Purge the fridge. Get rid of the s**t food but the key is here not to throw everything out and stand there staring at an empty cupboard next time the stress comes. You must replace the food with a healthier alternative. Get organised. Make a list. Go out and get some healthy food choices so when that urge to grab a snack arrives…your equipped to deal with it! You don't have to do it all at once, baby steps.

√ Get out and move your body. Even if like Me in this picture its so cold that you have to wear a hat with not one but two hoods over the top. Just go outside, go for a walk. Get some breathing space and clear your head. If your anxious then gentle exercise is a great remedy…and exercise and good food go hand in hand so winning.

√ Use the 10 second rule. Rather than Grab-Eat-Guilt. Instead pick up the crappy impulse snack, hold it it your hand, look at it and say out loud “Do I really want to eat this now? Will eating this serve My long term goals?” Then take 10 slow breaths. Rational brain will kick in and you will no longer crave the food. Promise. And if you do…? Eat the damn thing and try again next time!!

Thats it. Go and try the Squeeze it out method and remember…Life is too short to spend it stressed out- over food or anything else.

We all love Ice Cream…Just not every day.

Balance is the key.



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