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If you know Me you will know that…I. Love. Chicken. Mince.

I just love it.

√ Lean 

√ Delicious

√ Easy to use

√ Versatile

You can make pretty much anything out of it Curries, Meatloaf, Meatballs and...These Zesty Chicken Bites! 

I love these because not only are they YUM beyond measure but depending on what flavouring you throw in they can be totally different every time and you can easily make a squillion of them at once and then chuck them in the freezer or just eat them in and on everything…at least thats what I do.

For these little balls of juicy lean goodness I added Lemon- Zest and Juice for Zing to make you Ping, Fresh Thyme, Currents for a burst of sweetness and all rolled in Sesame seeds because…well, we all love sesame seeds right? 


500g Lean Chicken Mince

Zest of 2 and Juice of 1 Big Ass lemon

A packet of Thyme (Lemon Thyme is perfect)

A few currents - I use about 1/2 a cup and chop them small but you could add more (They are sweet and high in sugar/calories though…;-)

An egg

Salt and Pepper

A small pack or about a cup of sesame seeds



Throw the Chicken, Currents (Chopped), Thyme (Chopped), 1/2 the zest and all the lemon juice, Egg and seasoning in a bowl and mix it up with your hands. If its a bit dry just throw in another egg.

Mix it super good.

For the Sesame Crumb:

Put the Sesame Seeds, the rest of the lemon zest and thyme and a bit of salt/pepper in a bowl and mix it up.

Roll the bites into little balls and then roll them around in the sesame crumb and pop them on a baking tray with paper on.


→ Top Tip: If you keep your hands wet then the chicken meat doesn't stick to them - I keep mine wet with water but have also just rubbed a little olive oil into them before rolling in the past too and this works just as well.


Bake in a hot-ish oven. Bish, Bash, Bosh…Zesty Lemon Bites are Done!

Freeze them or Put them in soup, on salads, in wraps, eat on their own…but remember, to make them a metabolically Precise meal you must add your Low Energy Carb (Veggies) and your Omega 3 (Flax Oil) Enjoy!

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