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All Human-Kind are the same and ultimately want the same thing:
To be Happy and Healthy.

We have a goal to provide a platform for Health and Happiness by encompassing one person at a time into our 100% Human Community.

LOOK: You are what you ate and you will become what you eat. Choose Health.

FUNCTION: Be active. Move often. Function Well.

FEEL: Get your mindset right to accelerate yourself towards your goals.

Hi, I'm Silver

I am a Fitness, Health and Happiness Advocate. A Transformation Specialist. An Athletic Conditioning Coach. A Yoga Teacher. A Vagabond. A Gym Bunny. A Beach Lover and the Queen of My own little Universe.

I am a straight talking upfront kinda girl with a sense of humour that'll put hairs on your chest. My purpose is to make everyone I come into contact with Healthier and Happier.  I believe I am lucky enough to have a choice-and if you are reading this, you probably do too. Choose Health.

Inside the Gym: I have Transformed hundreds of lives and have coached lots of awesome people through body shape change, strength, fitness, nutrition programs and education of healthy lifestyle changes. I draw on my background of Lecturing in Fitness, Strength Training, Sports Therapy, Yoga and Weight-loss Coaching to educate and motivate people to become the best and most confident version of themselves.

Outside the Gym: When Im not training clients in the gym I am in the gym training myself and after that I'll probably be in the kitchen creating nutritious healthy recipes to share with the 100% Human Tribe. I love to write-I can lose hours blogging and writing. I am a Beach Worshipper, I have a deep affection for Yoga and love nothing better than getting outside and running along the beach foreshore or on forest trails.

I think positivity is contagious and we all have a duty in life to catch it...there are people out there who would give anything to have our 'Bad Days' If you and I are in a position of health and happiness then it is our duty to pass that on and spread the love.

French Bulldogs and Mojitos are my weakness and I like to laugh. A lot. :-)

If you need more convincing and I didn't grab you at Mojitos... Here's my Quals:

Metabolic Precision Level 1 Nutrition Coach

Metabolic Precision Level 2 Transformation Coach

Metabolic Precision Level 3 Athletic Conditioning Coach

Certificate IV Training and Assessing: Fitness Lecturer

EQF Level 4 Personal Training and Health Studies

Certificate 3 and 4 Personal Trainer

Strength Coach

Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher

Kettle bell Instructor

Hi, I'm Luke

I am a Transformation, Metabolic Nutrition and Athletic Conditioning Coach in addition to being an Outdoor Pursuits Instructor with a soft spot for extreme sports- if it involves the outdoors, a bucketload of adrenaline and an element of risk...I'm in!

I also love to run and I love to lift. I am fascinated by how the body moves and share an equal dedication to both distance running outdoors in the elements and performing feats of heavy lifting and bodybuilding in the gym. I'm a new breed of athlete called a Strength Runner (yep, its a Bonafide thing...look it up!) I dont believe you have to choose between one sport or another- I think you can do it all well if you are dedicated! I thrive on being able to be at my best physically and creating an environment that is conducive to my health through moving often and matching nutrition to my training.

I believe our body is our most valuable asset in life and it deserves to be healthy and strong and that it represents you and your lifestyle. I am straight to the point, No BS kind of guy. I Tell it how it is...straight, no chaser and I dont tend to sugar coat my advice...I leave that to Silver! Haha!

My training style is that you set a goal My job is to help you to get the job done and reach it. I believe that the body is an extraordinary machine and if you dig deep and apply yourself you can achieve anything in terms of fitness and body composition goals.

Do I look for commitment from those I train? Hell Yeah! But I promise you this- If you give me 100% I will give you 110% and then we are an unstoppable force and your goals will become a reality in no time.

My Quals:

Metabolic Precision Level 1 Nutrition Coach

Metabolic Precision Level 2 Transformation Coach

Metabolic Precision Level 3 Athletic Conditioning Coach

Personal Trainer

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